Sunday, July 19, 2009

Recipe for Revival: Elijah, Virgo, Lanphier, Piper and Warnocks

God has been sending me the ingredients used in a recipe for revival through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

He, the Holy Spirit, has used various messengers including:

1 - John Piper

2 - Jeremiah Lanphier

3 - Terry Virgo

4 - Steve Harvey


6 -

7 -

Curious! Two gentlemen whose last name is Warnock have been involved as messengers.

Since I have a huge headache at this moment, I am going to postpone the task of combining these ingredients proportionately. I am confident in saying that God is speaking. I am listening. If you choose to follow these cyber links, you will begin to stumble onto the the path I am following.

Jeremiah Lanphier (see #2 above)

Take one inexperienced layman, an old dying church, plus a heart for God, and you have the ingredients that sparked the Fulton Street Revival of 1857.

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